Passion is stronger than any crisis

Restructuring, globalization, plant re-location or the actual closing of a business are all often sources of potential dispute.  However, when one considers the overall situation of a specific company as a whole entity, such measures may be impossible to avoid.  These types of challenges present employees, their representatives and company management with extremely complex issues to resolve.  In general, both sides in a company have little experience and knowledge of how to address and overcome a crisis.  Developing alternatives, organizing a social dialogue and arranging the participation of the workforce are essential success factors in the process of economic and cultural changes at a company.
We have the skill and knowledge necessary to meet and know the stakeholders, to understand them, to bring them together when changes are initiated, and to facilitate the creation of „win – win“ situations.  Extensive practical experience in dealing with business and societal challenges, developing and managing internal and external communications – especially in crisis situations or where there are conflicts regarding objectives or interests – are among our foremost areas of expertise.  We place equal emphasis on individual solutions and concepts as well as on their actual successful implementation.
Back in the 1990s, we had already begun to track significant developments, in order to gauge potential societal, economic and cultural trends, and thus initiate and engage in internal and public discourse about important issues of the future.  The focus is on cultural changes that characterize not only workplace relationships, but also city and urban life, where the tension between global and local is increasingly playing a key role.
forum urbanum designs multi-disciplinary situation-specific communications models that can be applied to manageable projects.  Through a holistic approach, we facilitate the effective interaction of various areas of a company, as well as the dialogue among business, science, art, culture and society.  Through the use of specialized forms of media – such as art exhibitions that are ingrained within a specific social and cultural context – accompanied by dialogue, we find the appropriate language with which to connect different sectors of society.  Examples include concepts for public-private partnerships as well as initiatives for sustainability and the social responsibility of companies.

In the conceptualization and realization of communication solutions and projects, forum urbanum co-operates with leading institutions in the fields of economics and consulting, law, journalism, social media, event management, as well as with artists.
Based on a client’s needs, we provide individual services or a complete package, which includes analysis, consulting and mediation, along with the actual implementation of communications solutions, done in collaboration with the parties involved.


Overview of services

We offer individually designed concepts.


Our services include:

  • Concepts and communications strategies for sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Analysis of the conditions of change management and employee relations
  • Advice for members of management and employee representatives
  • Support of the change process
  • Mentoring of the parties involved
  • Mediation
  • Communications strategies – internal and external – with actual implementation in print, presentations and other events
  • Event design and management